Matek F411-mini F4 Flight Controller 20x20mm AIO OSD BEC


Egy mikró buildekhez ideális F4 vezérlő. Matek minőség (HGLRC és az összes GBs noname FC ehhez képest egy kis sanyi). Ultralight buildekhez is ajánljuk (pl Hyperlite, Floss2, Mode2 Ghost). Ha kell PDB külön ESC-k bekötésére, akkor párosítsd össze az FCHUB-A5-el, ami direkt ehhez lett kitalálva.

Kollekciók: FC (Vezérlő)

Tagek: FC, flight controller, vezérlő

Típus: Vezérlő

Matek F411-mini F4 Flight Controller 20x20mm AIO OSD BEC

The F411-Mini Betaflight flight controller is a great little unit from Matek Systems. It has a built-in Betaflight OSD, uses a 100MHz STM32F411CEU6 MCU, can accept 6~30V and has a built in BEC. Key features are a 6-Axis MPU-6000, VCP and 2 x UARTS, SoftSerial and camera control support. This board has very many features and is of a high specification, please see below for the complete list.


This little flight controller is perfect for your next mini racing drone, it is compact, very lightweight and packed with up to date features.

• 100MHz STM32F411CEU6
• 6-Axis MPU-6000
• Betaflight OSD
• 2 x LED's for FC status (blue/red) 
• 6 x PWM/Dshot outputs without conflict
• Camera control supported on Rssi pad
• VCP and 2 x UARTS
• Built in BEC (5V-2A)
• Input voltage 6~30V
• SoftSerial and camera control support
• Matek F411 target
• F411 has built in inverter for SBUS input (UART1-RX)
• WS2812 LED strip
• M3 silicone mounting grommets

MCU: 100MHz STM32F411
IMU: MPU6000
OSD: BetaFlight with AT7456E chip
Blackbox: No
Outputs: 6 x PWM/DSHOT Outputs
Battery Voltage Sensor: 1:10
Current Sensor: No (FCHUB-A option)
Button: Boot(DFU) mode button
Battery Voltage Input: 6~30V Lipoly
BEC: 5V-2A
LDO 3.3V: Max 300mA
12C1 SDA & SCL: Yes
Camera Control: Yes
DAC: Yes
LED Strip: WS2812
Beeper: Yes
Size: 28x28mm with 20mm mounting holes
Weight: 4.5g

1 x Matek F411-Mini board
6 x M4 to M3 silicone grommets
6 x M3 to M2 brass ferrules

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