DALPROP T5040 V2 (1 set)


Szimplán a leghíresebb háromágú propeller, a freestyle királya, alacsony vibráció.


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Típus: Propeller

DALPROP T5040 V2 (1 set)

DALPROP T5040 V2 tri-Blades CW CCW Propeller for Micro QuadCopter Multicopter, we have strict QC and introduce professional instruments to guarantee that each propeller has excellent balance, low vibration. 


Type DALPROP T5040 V2
Inner Diameter 5mm
Length 5 inch
Screw Pitch 4 inch
Material imported pure PC
Weight 4.1g
Package Include 2 x CW; 2 x CCW props

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